Jude Law looks like a German porn star with odd tache and dodgy

YOU can't argue with JUDE LAW's acting credentials.

And here he appears to be doing a top job of getting into character as a 1970s German porn star.
Why else would he wear this tank top and moustache in London yesterday?
To be fair to Jude, his facial fuzz is needed for his current role as Dr Watson in GUY RITCHIE's Sherlock Holmes.
I'm still awaiting an excuse for the knitwear though.


Jude Law video

Jude Law video

Jude Law video

He was born David Jude Law in South East London on December 29, 1972, the second child of Peter and Maggie (they'd earlier had a daughter, Natasha, now a photographer), and grew up in Blackheath. It remains unclear whether his name was inspired by The Beatles' Hey Jude or Thomas Hardy's Jude The Obscure - one hopes it was the former, the latter being so remorselessly miserable. Peter was a primary school teacher, with a pony tail. Maggie taught English to refugee kids. Into amateur dramatics, they now run their own theatre company in France.

Initially attending a local comprehensive school, Law was deeply disturbed by the levels of violence and bullying and was moved to a private school - Alleyn's in Dulwich. But he had discovered acting even before this switch. While performing in a school play at the tender age of six, he found that he naturally understood "the concept of creating imaginative scenarios". Sensitive to their son's artistic leanings, Peter and Maggie would take him regularly to the theatre, always discussing the play and performance afterwards.